About Us


years experience

We combine our experience with the power of data.
Our strong emerging strategy brings success to your communication campaigns.
Media planning, analysis and reporting have been the areas of expertise of Medyacızade for more than two decades.
We were born to break grounds with innovative, scientific and effective projects, and bringing brands and audience together.
Each project is a source of excitement to us.
We analyze the society, trends and demands accurately and create a route map.
We propose solutions to marketing problems and increase efficiency.

What Can We Do
For You

Media Planning

We are striving to make your communication campaign visible in the most effective media in the most accurate way. We plan your place in TV, outdoor, indoor, radio, press, OOH, digital, cinema and mobile and reach the masses for you.


Combining the power of data with our experience, we find your target audience. We create the solution that best suits your needs and thus lead your campaign to success.


We make a difference with our route map showing how to proceed based on analyses and data. We use innovative methods that are different from classical media plans in our route map we created for the success we want to achieve.


We thoroughly report the results of data analysis, experience and strategy. We submit this report showing that your communication campaign made a difference along with scientific facts and competitor analyses. With purchases, feasibilities and access cost tables, we shed light on your path.

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”

A good plan implemented today, is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.

Creativity lies in the difference between being a leader and being a follower.