Appealing to both eyes and ears, television ranks first in reaching the masses and is the principal medium for media planning. Its importance lies in its ability to attract target audience's attention and deliver the message.


Press is quite valuable with respect to its memorability and ability to reach multiple audiences. Newspapers in particular have been the medium for years between large mass of people and brands without losing their popularity.


It is another medium maintaining its importance in reaching the desired audience through national and international broadcasts. Radio needs to be considered noteworthy in that it accompanies almost everyone in daily life.


Cinema is an innovative medium making possible to reach the right audience at once based on data. The brand can be promoted in the right place taking into consideration the general habits of the audience or the genre of the movie.


Billboards, posters, shelter ads, announcements... All are very effective in prompting the action in the message. They are supported with creative ideas to attract attention and stick in mind.


Internet, where every moment of our era is spent, is a dynamic medium that has an eye on the television's throne. It is of great importance for media planning, carried out over websites, mailing or social media.

How We Do

  • Analysis
    • Combining the power of data with our experience, we find your audience and create the solution that best suits your needs.
  • Strategy
    • We make a difference with our route map showing how to proceed based on analyses and data.
  • Media Planning
    • We are striving to make your communication campaign visible in the most effective media in the most accurate way.
  • Reporting
    • We thoroughly report the results of data analysis, experience and strategy. We submit the report regarding your communication campaign along with scientific facts and competitor analyses.

Each project is
a source of excitement to us.

We analyze the society, trends and demands accurately and create a route map.

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